Traveller Review Award 2020

Traveller Review Award 2020 Traveller Review Award 2020

The Traveller Review Awards is’s yearly appreciation programme that recognises partners for their exceptional hospitality, as evidenced in the review scores left by guests after their stay. renamed The Guest Review Awards into Traveller Review Awards and will be honouring there partners beyond accommodation for the first time. This year, will also be celebrating transport partners who received outstanding review scores, and who do not have guests. responded to the feedback of the partners that it is more relevant for the Awards to appear in the period for which they would be displayed. Therefore the Awards will be displayed during the year 2020. annually awards the Traveller Review Award 2020 to properties with a rating from 8 to 10.

As a result of the reviews of our guests we can pronounce that Myrthe apartments has a rating of 9.5. Therefore we are proud and grateful. We thank our quests for their reviews and rating.

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