Winter sun in Crete Myrtos

Goedkope vluchten Kreta

Winter sun in February and March 2019 in Crete?

Travel to Myrthe apartments in Myrtos and enjoy winter sun. Walk in the mountains and watch spring flowers bloom.

Airline is flying from the Netherlands to Heraklion and has great prices for these months, from 49.00 euro one way.

For more information and booking please contact Myrthe apartments.

Ever thought to spend your winter holidays in Myrtos, Crete?

Winter months offer the chance to explore the island of Crete without the crowds of summer, and get the authentic feeling without it’s summer tourist facade. Crete will not be overcrowded, so you can enjoy the beauty of the island in all it’s glory.


Don’t expect to bask in sunshine every day, but on sunny days you get the bonus of the bright island light. The temperature is ideal for exploring the trails and hiking paths in the mountains around the Myrtos area.

The sunrises and sunsets in winter time are extremely beautiful with fascinating clouds, and even on a rainy day rainbows can brighten the day.

Myrtos in the winter days is calm and peaceful, with the village returning to farming work. The daily temperatures in what is classed as really winter during the period middle of January until the end of February rarely falls below 16-18 degrees in the daytime. In the evenings the temperature can drop to about 12 degrees. November, December and March you can expect temperatures of 20 a 22 degrees. Of course there are some days with rain, this is mainly heavy showers for a short period of time, but most regularly you enjoy the sun. Myrtos is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where swallows spend the winter. Myrtos has the most hours of sunshine and lowest rainfall in Greece.


During the winter in Myrtos most of the tavernas and shops are closed, but one taverna is open, some kafenions and one cafe bar on the boulevard, so still enough for a pretty good holiday.

Also open are the both supermarkets, the bakery, and the butcher. So you can easily shop to make your own dinner at the Myrthe apartments. The village pharmacy is also open all year.

And last of all the Myrthe apartments are excellent value for money.