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Feels like summer October
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Summer in October

It feels like summer in October at Myrtos/Mirtos in Crete! How to travel to Myrtos/Mirtos

High standard rooms
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High Standard

High standard apartments for holiday in friendly village in Myrtos/Mirtos. Prices and apartments go to Accommodation. Pictures of the apartments go to Images. Book now Contact

Enjoy a stay in Myrtos?
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Enjoy a stay in Myrtos?

UPDATE: one apartment available from 16th September till 24th September. Due to a cancellation Myrthe apartments has one apartment available from 16th September for more than 2 weeks! For more information: mobile: 0030-6931820789 email:  

Business card/epangelmatikí kárta
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Business card

Receive new business cards today.  

Special offer holiday June Crete Mirtos/Myrtos including flight and transfer
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Special offer June

    Enjoy your stay in June at Myrthe apartments in the beautiful village Myrtos. Special offer for a holiday in June 2017 on south east Crete from € 450 per person, apartment, flight ticket and transfer included! Possibilities for flights from Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Dusseldorf and airports in Great Britain to Heraklion, Crete. For more

New guest arrived
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New guest

Yesterday a new guest arrived at Myrthe apartments.  

Welcome to the website of Myrthe apartments Myrtos/Mirtos
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Welcome to the website of Myrthe apartments at Mirtos/Myrtos!

From April 1 st we acquired Villa Myrthe by Anne-Marie Prinse. Anne-Marie is still in Myrtos and put her focus on Villa Aliki and Aliki Bayview. We invite you to view our apartments at the website. If you want more information then you can reach us at the office of Myrthe apartments or via +30